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Chad Williams is a former U.S. Navy SEAL, having served his country proudly on SEAL Teams 1 and 7.  Author of the best-selling book SEAL of God; he is a highly sought after communicator, ranging from featured guest television appearances on programs such as the Fox News Channel, CNN News Room and Anderson Cooper; to providing keynote presentations for Fortune 500 companies like General Motors, Thrivent Financial, and many more large corporations. Most importantly, Chad's deepest desire and passion in life is sharing the powerful life-changing message of the Gospel across the world. Having spoken at hundreds of church services and events across the nation, Chad draws from his experiences in the SEAL Teams on and off the battlefield to relate overcoming adversity, pride, sin, and what it means to follow after Christ as Lord (aka our Assault Leader). Of paramount importance to today's culture, Chad uniquely highlights the colossal price of our temporal freedom: paid for in the blood sacrifice of our soldiers on the frontlines; to the price of our eternal freedom: paid for in the blood sacrifice of our Savior at the cross of Calvary.  

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"God shapes his men with the hammer of adversity and the chisel of discipline. You will be riveted by Chad’s amazing story." –Greg Laurie, Lead Pastor Harvest Christian Fellowship. 

Dr. Robert Jeffress, Lead Pastor of First Baptist Dallas has said, "We always every year select a special guest speaker who models both a love for God and a love for our great country; and we could not have selected a better guest … He’s got a compelling story, he is one of the very few people I want to hear a second time!"

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